The Secret To Picking the Best Pet Transportation Services

Ask people what the most difficult, stressful thing that comes up in a move is, and one answer is bound to bubble up: transporting pets. Flying cats and dogs can be expensive and risky. Ground pet transport services can make the transition easier and more comfortable. But how do you choose which pet transport service to use when there are so many to choose from?

When looking for a pet transportation service, pet owners should take a number of things into account, such as the mode of transportation, USDA certification, and breed restrictions. To learn more about these and other important characteristics of animal transport services, continue reading.

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Breed Restrictions and Type of Pet Transported

The first step in selecting a pet transportation service is looking into its limitations because the types and breeds of animals they will transport varies. While the majority of services will move cats and dogs, not all businesses will move other kinds of animals. Regarding dogs, some pet relocation agencies refuse to move particular breeds. Your Choice Pet Transport does not discriminate regarding the breed of dogs they drive with ground transport services – all breeds are welcome.

There are limitations however that are frequently set by airline regulations rather than the service itself. For instance, the majority of airlines won’t fly any dog breeds with flat faces because they fear the animal might have breathing problems. In light of this, clients should first ascertain whether a service would carry their particular breed of pet.

Transportation Method

Most pet owners have three paths to get their furriest family members overseas. The most expensive option is to have your pet travel with you as accompanied baggage where they will be considered as an extra piece of checked luggage, with you in the cabin, if the pet is small enough to fit under the seat in its carrier or as airline cargo.

Many major American airlines, including United, have reduced or ceased flying animals in the hold as cargo or associated baggage over the past ten years. Furthermore, starting in 2020, airlines are no longer required to allow “emotional support animals” in the passenger cabin, according to a decision by the US government. (Service animals that have been trained and certified are still permitted.)

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Both land and air transportation are available through pet transportation services. Those that provide air transportation will assist the owner in organizing logistics with airlines, guaranteeing the pet has the necessary travel documents, bringing the pet to the airport, and keeping an eye on the pet during the flight. While some businesses charge a greater fee to assign an expert animal handler to travel with the pet in the plane cabin, other firms will even charter a private plane for those who can afford it to transport a pet from point A to point B.

Pets are often transported by ground transportation providers either on a private trip or in a van with other pets. Your Choice Pet Transport provides the best pet ground transportation services transporting your pet(s) in a vehicle by itself with one or two animal caretakers.

Some businesses also provide pet transportation in the owner’s automobile, making them a great choice for people who need to move their car and pet together.

Transportation abroad

Animals can be sent anywhere in the world by some pet shipping companies. The policies and procedures for bringing pets into other nations should be familiar to a reputable international pet transportation service. International pet transportation providers should also be able to assist pet owners in gathering the required health papers since many nations have health standards that must be met before a pet can enter the country. If a flight is delayed or canceled while the pet is in transit, the provider should have backup arrangements. By supplying the required paperwork for customs, a competent overseas service will help guide the pet through the arrival process.

USDA Recognition

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal Welfare Act, which establishes guidelines for how animals should be handled and cared for during transportation, should be followed by every pet transportation service. Customers can inquire or check the website of the pet transportation service to confirm this accreditation.

Animal Care Services

Pet nanny services are another option for pet owners who prefer not to have their animal in the cargo hold of an airplane. The consumer might hire a member of the service to fly in the cabin with their pet. Only cats or dogs that weigh less than 20 pounds (with the weight of their carrier) are permitted in the cabin according to airline regulations. Naturally, this specialized service is far more expensive than a typical animal shipping service.

Delivery from Door to Door

When it comes to accepting a customer’s pet, pet transportation businesses offer various levels of service. Your Choice Pet Transport provides door-to-door delivery, where we will pick up the animal from the owner’s home and take it to its final location, be it a hotel or another home. Other options necessitate dropping the pet off and picking it up at the airport. Door-to-door delivery services are typically more expensive than those that only handle airport drop-offs and pickups.

Boarding and Grooming

Some pet transportation companies offer choices for boarding and grooming as part of their services. After the trip, a service could be able to groom the animal before giving it to its owner. Other providers have facilities that enable them to board animals during layovers or in the event of delays, preventing the need for animals to spend a lot of time in crates.

Updates on Pet Travel

Some pet transport services will update a customer on their pet’s location and status during the moving process in addition to providing information about where the pet is and how the creature is coping with the voyage.

Depending on the provider, several types of travel updates are sent to pet owners. Some services enable the pet’s owner to track the animal in real-time through GPS or speak with the animal handler who has been allocated to the animal to get updates.

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Customer Service

Throughout the journey, the owner of the pet should have access to customer support from a reliable pet transportation provider. Customer service ought to be accessible throughout the journey in case there are any problems, such as unforeseen delays or probable health issues the pet might encounter. Additionally, customer service should be accessible for any inquiries the pet owner may have both before and during the trip. If the business provides tracking, the service should assist the client in configuring that function and be accessible if the client encounters any issues while using it.

When looking for a pet transport service you should always dig deep. Look beyond the first few hits online. Research online reviews and try to hire a company a friend or family member has had success with.

Final Thoughts About Picking the Best Pet Transportation Service

When selecting a pet transportation service, pet owners should consider various factors to ensure the safety and well-being of their furry family members or other animals. One important factor to consider is the type of transport the company offers. For example, if the pet owner needs to transport their pet cross country, they should look for a pet transportation company that specializes in cross-country pet transport. Similarly, if the pet owner needs to transport their pet internationally, they should consider an international pet shipping company that has experience with the specific requirements and regulations involved in transporting pets across borders.

Another crucial factor to consider is the quality of customer service the pet transportation service provides. As mentioned earlier, the pet owner should have access to reliable customer support throughout the journey to address any issues that may arise. Additionally, the pet owner should inquire about any special services or accommodations the company offers, such as private ground transportation or the ability to ship multiple pets.

It’s also important to consider the qualifications and certifications of the pet transportation service. For example, if the pet owner is transporting their pet across state or country lines, the company should be familiar with the necessary plant health inspection services to ensure that the pet is cleared to travel. Additionally, the pet owner should look for a pet shipper that is a member of the Animal Transport Association and holds proper licenses and insurance to ensure that their furry family member is in good hands.

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