Shared Ground Pet Transportation and Relocation

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Shared Transport Services for Pets

Shared pet transport is the most economical choice for having us transport your pet safely and quickly by ground anywhere in the contiguous USA. Our team will be caring for and transporting multiple pets during your pet’s trip, everyone is individually crated and cared for according to their specific needs.

As always, your pet’s care and comfort is our top priority and we do everything possible to make sure your companion has the best ride possible.

We promise that working with our experts will be pleasurable and satisfying. Please get in touch with us if you have any feedback; we love to hear from our consumers.

Your Pet Will Love Shared Pet Ground Transportation

The most affordable and comfortable way to transport your pet to a new home is through shared pet transportation. Your pet will ride in the minivan or SUV alongside other pets who will be dropped off at various locations when you use this travel service. Even though they won’t have the car to themselves, your pet will still enjoy the roomy, comfortable ride beside another pet who they are sure to get along with.

Shared pet ground transportation is a well-liked option since it is economical without compromising the pet’s safety and comfort. They’ll enjoy themselves just as much as if they were transported personally.

Our Shared Pet Transportation Process

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Travel Preparation

When you get in touch with us, we’ll provide a free estimate. Additionally, we’ll arrange your pet’s travel. Keep in mind that we might need to change your preferred itinerary to make room for the other pets that would be traveling with you on the ground. All other necessary preparations will be discussed.


We’ll pick up your pet with one of our skilled drivers. Dogs travel without a cage, but cats are crated in a litter box with food and water. We’ll go over the special travel arrangements for other kinds of animals.


Your pet will have many rest stops and exercise throughout the journey. They’ll also be fed in accordance with your instructions. We’ll keep you informed with frequent text messages and pictures.


Before drop-off, we’ll give you a heads-up. You and your pet will soon be reunited at your new location.

Our Promise To You

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We maintain comfort and safety for all. Our animal-loving drivers make sure that everyone in the car receives the same level of care. They will be warm, comfortable, and secure the entire way.

Everybody gets along. Only pets that are ok with other animals, and with your pet, will be included in the vehicle. Our pet relocation specialists on the ground decide who will ride in the same car.

Everyone gets enough room. Depending on the breed and size, we have a maximum allowed number of pets per car.

We provide special needs pet care. Our drivers handle rescue animals with caution, paying attention to their unique emotional and physical requirements.

We establish a comfortable setting. To lessen pet anxiety, we advise you to ship your pet with their favorite food and toys.

We train every one of our drivers. Our animal-loving drivers are vetted and prepared to transport, look after, and defend various breeds of animals.

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Why should I pay for expert pet transportation when a buddy is willing to do it for nothing?

Although many people adore animals, not everyone is equipped to care for a pet while traveling large distances. Our drivers are aware of the special requirements of a pet in transportation and take care to keep them safe in various situations—situations that a well-meaning friend might not be familiar with.

Should I pick air travel or ground transportation?

When possible, select ground transportation (shared or private). Your pet will have plenty of breaks to wander around, exercise, play, and use the restroom throughout the journey. Furthermore, ground transportation doesn’t include abrupt changes in temperature or pressure that can confuse your pet.

Do I need to sedate my pet?

No. We strongly advise against tranquilizing your pet unless your veterinarian has prescribed it. The regular breathing rhythms of your pet may be hampered by sedatives.

How should my pet be prepared to travel?

Send your pet along with their preferred snacks and toys to create a comfortable setting. If you’re transporting your cat, it should be used to its crate by the time we show up, ideally one hour beforehand. Make an appointment with the vet to make sure your pet is healthy enough to go.

Does my pet have bathroom breaks?

They will, indeed. Our cats will have brand-new litter boxes, whereas our dogs get walked every four hours.