Private Ground Pet Transport

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Private pet transportation service from Your Choice Pet Transport ensure that your pets will be delivered straight to their destination in a vehicle without other pets on board. We can pick up your dogs, cats or other family pets on the day of your choice and deliver them on the day that works best for you.

Our non-stop driving crews cover the lower 48 states of the United States. We offer safe, dependable transportation for your pets, whether your needs are local or long-distance. You can rely on us for easy, safe and dependable pet moving and travel.

EXPRESS Long Distance Private Pet Transportation

Here is where we excel the most. Our driving crews don’t take days to cross the country; they do it in hours. With the intention of keeping your dog secure and content until we get at our destination, each transport is driven by a two-person team of devoted driver and caretakers.

Our transport drivers and caregivers are skilled and properly educated in managing animals of all kinds and temperaments. We go above and beyond to guarantee that our personnel is knowledgeable in all pet care, health, and handling procedures when it comes to your pets.

We specialize in transferring single dogs, single cats, or entire pet families across the country by ground as quickly, safely and enjoyably as possible. We are here to better assist you and meet your pet’s requirements.

pet moving company private ground transport

Why Use Private Pet Transportation?

We Promise To Provide Caring & Safe Pet Transportation

Choose us based on our proven record of safety for the pets we transport! We offer fast door-to-door, nonstop pet transportation as part of our executive luxury private ground pet transportation service. Throughout the journey, the driving teams will text you updates and send you images to keep you informed. This provides you comfort while they are traveling and helps you feel connected to your pet. These updates also assist you in day planning or in coordinating with movers and airlines.

Less Stress for Your Pet

Transporting a pet can a stressful situation for them. A number of things, including age, size, and health, may contribute to this. We strongly advise those who have large or elderly pets to use private pet transportation. With years of handling experience, Your Choice Pet Transport’s handlers give your loved one the best care possible.

Reliable Vehicles and Equipment for Non-Stop Service

Our fleet consists of minivans and SUVs operated by successful transport professionals. We move everywhere, all day long, stopping every 4 to 5 hours to refuel, give your pet a little rest, food, and some bottled water. We’ll update you with a picture and text message (distance to drop off), and then we continue on our way to ensure that they receive the unique care they need.

Your pet(s) will receive 30-minute walks when we take breaks. Naturally, we can also carry out your specific requests with relation to the pet(s), whatever they may be. While your pet is traveling, you can ask for images, and you can follow their location using a mobile app.

Do You Need to Transport Your Car?

We are aware that some of our clients require transportation for both their cars and their dogs. Instead of requiring you to find a different service provider for your automobile, our knowledgeable crew can transport both your cars and your pets. By letting us handle both parts of your relocation procedure, hiring us will enable you to save time and money.

Customized Experience

We will accommodate YOUR schedule and the times that you need pet transport services. We can swiftly transport your animal(s) wherever you require. Only the best are hired by Your Choice Pet Transport, and we’ll make sure your pets are properly cared for throughout the journey.

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Things we offer for your trip:

Except for the food, we provide everything for the trip. We arrive at your front door promptly at the scheduled time. Additionally, we can pick up from kennels, family members, pet sitters, etc.

For your pets’ convenience, we offer open-air kennels that have been cleaned, sized, and set up.

Your pets will receive direct drive-through service that gets you where you need to be in hours rather than days. While your pet is on board, we do not make stops at eateries or hotels.

All pets are walked, fresh water is topped off, kennels are examined and cleaned as necessary, food is given when it’s time, and/or treats are provided at each fuel stop (4 to 5 hours). As we go, we’ll take a photo and text you an update so you can see how and where your pet is along the way.

Additionally, you will get their direct phone numbers so you may get in touch with them whenever you like.

Pet items like beds, dishes, and toys are welcome. You are welcome to send a few personal items as well if it is a private ride and there is space.

No sedation is necessary or advised.

Your own pet family does not require a veterinarian’s certificate, though breeders do need to send current health certificates.

All are welcome, and we do not discriminate based on breed.

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