Medical Pet Transportation

Use our pet taxi service to get your pet to their appointment from your house using a professional transportation service.

When we arrive, we have the use of a gurney as needed for our friends who can’t get up. Our drivers understand our behavior and know what to do when we arrive to the pet hospital. Each transport is clean and secure with our crash-proof crates that are disinfected between each transport.

For scheduled visits to medical or grooming appointments, our pet taxi service transports your pet with state-of-the-art care in a timely and reliable manner.

  • boarding and daycare visits
  • Veterinarian and grooming appointments
  • Emergency and urgent care
  • deceased animal pickup

Medical Pet Travel Services include:

Pet pickup at a residence – Dogs can be transported via stretcher, cage, leash, or carrying case. Cats and other small animals need to be contained in cages or carriers.

Transporting Your Pet Safely – No maximum transport of pets from the same family.

Clean – Thorough vehicle disinfection after each transport

Optional Return Trip – Pet pick-up and transportation to the home are scheduled. Driver does not wait during the appointment. There will be a planned pickup window of 30 minutes.

Exceeding Safety Standards

It can be difficult to load and transport some pets securely in a car. Some are quite big, too frightened, or too aggressive. While being loaded and transported, these dogs and cats may harm either themselves or their owners. Sometimes, the only time a veterinarian will see you is when you are unavailable. We can offer assistance in all of these cases.

Our drivers are familiar with behavior and gentle restraint techniques, and we are able to transport dogs of various sizes. All animals will be placed into crash-tested kennels. All of this aids in lowering anxiety and enables safe, secure transportation for your pet.

How our pet transportation service works

We are aware that we are transferring your loved one.

We welcome you and your pet when we arrive at your home and maintain our composure so they can remain calm as they are carefully loaded into our safe, safety-rated cage using a leash, carrying bag, or stretcher.

You will always be aware of our progress. We pledge to keep in touch with you via phone and/or text message at all times during the trip.

Additionally, we can safely transport your pet home! In preparation for our each transport, we will be busy cleaning with medical-grade disinfectants. By doing this, there is no chance of any infectious diseases being spread by blood, feces, or sneezes.

Medical Pet Transport Gives Your Pet The Best Care In Transport