International Pet Transport

air transport for pets international move

Pet air travel is very safe and the most expedient option for most international pet moves.

reduce moving-related stress with our pet air transport services

We can relate to your worries because we have pets of our own. You can rely on us to give your cherished pets the same kind of attentive care that you do.

We provide thorough door-to-door services and long-distance pet transportation throughout the US and to any country across the globe.

We make international pet travel as stress-free as we can by carefully attending to every aspect of your pet’s relocation and offering tailored levels of service based on your needs. With years of expertise under our belts and a trusted network of global partners, we are able safely and comfortably deliver your pet wherever you need them to go.

Long-Term Partnerships with Airlines Around the World

We are completely up to date on all international and airline pet import and export laws. Because of our established connections with airlines around the world, we can select an appropriate carrier and route quickly and easily.

What Is Included in Services for International Pet Air Transport?

Services included or optionally added to International Air Pet Transport according to your needs and travel plans:

  • Boarding at a highly regarded kennel nearby
  • Service at every airport
  • Travel kennel
  • Documentation for import or export
  • All charges for air cargo
  • Clearing customs
  • Delivery to a new address or delivery to an airport
  • Pick up at home or meet and greet close to the airport
  • USDA authorization
  • Updates on pets in transit

Restrictions on Pet Air Travel and Shipping

Some airlines impose embargoes on pet travel depending on the breed of your pet and its origin or destination. We are knowledgeable with the most recent limitations, so we can suggest the optimum departure and arrival times for your pet’s flight.

Some airlines and/or nations forbid pets from traveling in the cabin with you or as checked baggage, or they only accept live animal shipments from specialized pet shippers. To review any special pet shipping policies, check with the airline you intend to fly with.

Choosing to Board Your Pets

If required, we can coordinate housing for your pet until you’re ready to take them on a trip. If you require additional time to move, we will be pleased to pick up your pet from your house, a relative’s home, your veterinarian’s office, or your preferred boarding facility.

Our Cancellation Policy for Flights

Although they are uncommon, flight cancellations can occur. In the event that your pet’s flight is postponed, we will pick them up and make plans to have them fly to you on the subsequent flight. Prior to finalizing any new travel plans, we will get in touch with you and/or the consignee (the person receiving your pet).

Tranquilizer Policy

The welfare and security of the dogs we travel remain our top priorities at all times. We won’t ship any pets that have been sedated or tranquilized because they can be more harmful than helpful to your pet during plane travel.

Tax Tip: Save Your Receipt

If the move is work-related, one benefit of transporting your pet is that pet moving expenditures are tax-deductible. Please go to IRS publication #521 and speak with your accountant.

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